Welcome to Slothypops

Slothypops JAN '19

Welcome to the brand spanking new home of Slothypops the sloth. I can only apologise for what this strange little fellow gets up to!

Slothypops is the creation of artist Mel Langton and you can follow his daily adventures at his Instagram account www.instagram.com/slothypops
So far slothypops has had adventures all across the UK, he’s popped over to the States and even has new friends in New Zealand.
If you would like your very own Slothypops commssion then please feel free to drop me a message or you can visit the Mel Langton Art Etsy store to see what Slothypops artwork is currently available to hang in your own home or to make a wonderful gift for any lover of Sloths!
Please be sure to keep your eyes peeled as Slothypops will be back with a brand new blog starting here in the new year.